I’m an asexual homo-romantic INTJ woman beginning to learn that feminism is no longer needed is a lie. I love comic books, Disney movies, fiction and non-fiction books, and look to these elements as inspiration for my blog.

I am a college undergraduate student with a focus on history and creative writing. I would love to incorporate the two areas of study into writing historical children’s cartoons that address all forms of social justice in a means relevant for a young audience.

If you ever have questions or comments feel free to post to this blog. I look forward to critiques and discussions.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Cheryl,

    I just found a post where you mentioned studying abroad in Istanbul. I really liked the post btw 🙂 I’m setting up a website for LGBTQIA people studying abroad (queerabroad.com) and, as it’s going to launch on the last day of Asexual Awareness week, I’d like the first post to include the experiences of ace and aro people. Would you be interested in contributing? It can be anything from a few sentences to a whole article — as much or as little as you’d like! Let me know 🙂

    Frances (frances at queerabroad dot com)

  2. I wrote an analysis paper using some of your points from your dragonball articles. there anyway i could get your name for citation purposes? your information has been super helpful 🙂 thanks!
    I understand if you dont want to post it here, you could email it to me if you’d like.

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