Becoming a Feminist 2016

I started this blog in 2012 and gave my blog the caveat that I was becoming a feminist. Claiming feminism, even through an online presence, was terrifying. What if my brother found out? What if my friends from high school knew? What if feminism was just a big sham I was believing in to give myself a cause to fight for?

So I compromised. I wasn’t a feminist yet. I was becoming a feminist because it was safer.

For months now, I’ve thought about changing the sub-heading of my blog. Nothing is more important to me than inclusive feminism that progresses us toward a just and egalitarian world for all. And I don’t care who knows my beliefs now because I’d rather stand up, say something and be wrong, than sit down and say nothing at all. Surely, I’ve moved beyond becoming a feminist.

Surely, I’ve arrived.

Only, the more I think about, the more I realize I haven’t arrived. As long as there’s a need for feminism, I’ll always be growing and becoming a feminist because it’s a process. If my feminism isn’t expanding I’m not much of a feminist at all.

For 2016, I look forward to continuing to become and I urge you to start or continue your own feminist process. I look forward to a year of growth and a stronger voice to make a feminist world that much more possible.

Happy New Year!


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