What I Feel.

I need to take a moment to apologize. Whether it is clear to you or not, I have not been giving voice to my feelings. I have written about some of my opinions, yes, but not yet of my feelings and I feel I am doing a disservice to both you and myself.

Since over the summer, I have been posting blogs backtracking over my words, defending myself and my opinions in the hopes that I would not offend anyone. I have been censoring myself to be as unbiased as possible. I presented my feelings as news stories. 

I am an INTJ struggling with my Fi feeling function.

Maybe you care and maybe you don’t. But I care and I cannot be a feminist unless I acknowledge that my morals are just as important as the facts. If I am to write truthfully and bring feminist issues to light I cannot continue to hide behind logic to justify myself.

I have been wrong. I might still be wrong! I didn’t know multicultural feminism until the past few months. I didn’t think to bring racism and sexism together when I wrote about rape culture and talked about slut walks. It was morally wrong to ignore the African American experience and I apologize.

In the next two days I fly off to Israel for about 2 weeks. When I return I hope that if I offend someone with my beliefs it will be because I say what I feel without censoring myself. If I am wrong we will discuss it and I will say so. 

My definition of feminism now includes self improvement.  


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