The Gender of God

I understand I am getting into dangerous territory in bringing religion and spirituality into my post. I take full responsibility for anything that I say and I will try to be as unbiased as possible. For the purpose of this blog I am working from the established principle that God exists and I do not seek to prove or disprove any issue on this point.

Now as I introduce my question of God’s gender, I wish to point out that I am also in the middle of reading some gender criticisms. I know that the term gender is controversial and when I use the word gender in this blog I will be referring to masculine or feminine pronouns.

It has already been said, debated, and fought over that God has been portrayed as a man in art work and when speaking of God the terminology is always He or Him. This becomes a bit rocky when Christianity is involved and questions as Jesus was a man the masculine pronouns could have some legitimacy.  But if at all possible, take God out of religious context. There is no doctrine, no dogma, no congregations. There is you and there is your relationship to God. God can be whatever you believe God to be, in any shape, and in any form. The possibilities are yours to decide.

From this relationship with God it is possible you see God as a person, perhaps as a man, I know I do though I am trying to deconstruct this habit. Deconstruct with me.

God is depicted as a man because what do people know that will be recognizable except other humans? If God were depicted as a woman, God would be a new term, Goddess. We are limited to language and that is the greatest limitation. Because we do not know how to explain God universally we use the masculine word God and the masculine pronoun He. We bring the unexplainable to a level we can all understand: we use language. But here is where our language fails us.

Why do we think the earthly language we possess will be applicable to the Divine? Going off the notion that God is Divine and therefore wholly different from God’s creations then why do we fit God with the limiting ideas of masculinity? Does God have a gender? Would it make any difference in the overall belief in God if God were not enclosed in our language?

There is no reason for God to be a He. There is no reason for God to be a She. Both do an injustice to a Being that is, as far as we know, without sex. I know I am working from a lot of preconceived notions with this argument, but there is no easy way to bring about this discussion without presuppositions. I only hope they have not hindered my argument or lessened my credibility.

7 thoughts on “The Gender of God

  1. Interesting post, while your raise a curious point I find it difficult to buy the premise- I, for one, doubt the existence of such a celestial power. I cannot logically say that God doesn’t exist just as much as the theist or deist can say he does exist. Insofar as the gender of such a ‘being’, I don’t see how it credits or cheapens your argument- it is non-rational just based on the premises and assumptions of theology as it is.

  2. I experience God as beyond gender, beyond religion, beyond concepts…thank God! The intimate direct encounter is life transforming and available to all now that the veil is thinning between the physical world and the spiritual realm. May you be blessed!

  3. I just saw this blog and so am late in adding a comment. My recently published eBook discusses how early Hebrew and Christian theologians used their language to express the idea of a gender inclusive he/she deity. The Hebrew and Greek languages were part of our earliest written documents. How early writers used those languages was presumably very important to them. See my eBook, “A GENDER NEUTRAL GOD/ESS: Be Inclusive but Make No Images was the Religious Change” by J. J. McKenzie to see they various literary devices used to project the idea that inclusive deity.

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