Rape Culture

If you haven’t heard the term before, let it shock you. I was shocked. I still am shocked. But we live in rape culture. Because as women we are constantly fearing rape or being told to fear rape or strange men we live in a society where rape is condoned. It is the woman’s fault: she was drunk. she was dressed like a slut. she was asking for it. the man couldn’t help himself.

I am always ashamed to admit it, but being raped is my biggest fear. Rape is not something I can dismiss as an implausible fear. I know it is all too real. Rape is accepted as a natural occurrence and for this reason since I learned about sex I have not been able to walk somewhere alone without fearing rape.

This is not okay.

If I am up on a soapbox for a moment I apologize, but women should not need to live in fear or even told to live in fear because it is just another form of subjugation.

I was walking to the food store talking on the phone to my mother and when I told her I what I was doing the first thing she asked was if I was alone. I said yes and that I would hopefully be back before dark. My mother told me that if it gets dark I should not walk back but call one of my friends on campus to give me a ride. I wouldn’t do this. I would rather walk back in the dark, but I would be afraid.

I hate this fear.

I do not want to fear doing every day errands just because rape is an accepted norm that cannot be stopped. I do not want to live in fear.

Please, even if you never experience what I’m saying, have empathy. Use that empathy to educate people about rape and proper sex education. Use that empathy to stop slut shaming, volunteer at a rape crisis center, participate in slut walks and be part of the movement for equality. You deserve to walk down the street without being afraid. And remember, rapists are always the cause of rape.


3 thoughts on “Rape Culture

    • Thank you. I had not realized that the SlutWalks were being exclusive and feeding into ‘white-only-feminism’. That was not my intention and I appreciate the feedback to move forward and try to be as inclusive as possible in my writing.

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