I am…

Being a feminist is about more than wanting equality and is more than a self-proclaimed title. In order to love your sex and believe in a world where sexism does not exist, you must first love yourself.

This writing exercise was described to me as an ‘I Am Poem’, but that sounds rather intimidating. You do not need to be a writer in order to use words to express who you and why you love yourself. For anyone who is not a writer this is not about being perfect with words, and poetic need not apply to what you say. Talk onto the page if it makes you more comfortable.

When I did this with a group we were given ten minutes and in those ten minutes I took the time to free-write. Free writing means the uncensored flow of ideas from your mind to the page. Today, take ten minutes and tell yourself who you are without judging and without censorship. It only starts with two words and ten minutes to start, but what you learn may last a lifetime.

Love yourself, love your sex and be proud to be a feminist.

I am

a paradox, an illusion, a hope, stable, loving, fictional, real, a superhero, a fighter, a feminist, wonderful, dreaming and praying and wondering why I believe and what I believe in, a Jew, a woman, abstract and that’s okay, the pages upon which I write, the pen, the ink, my mind, my consciousness. I am thoughtful and engaged, or disengaged and that’s okay too. I am loved, loving and again to love and come back to love as a first principle though love isn’t grounded in science and fact and neither am I, a rambler, a truth seeker, passionate, more than can be seen or experienced, more than my words, my body, my mind I am more, forever and always more and more than I can comprehend. I am a free writer, a word user and word maker-uper, a child, an adult, blessed.

I am blessed.

I am blessed.

With such wondrous people in my life, I am blessed.


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