The Power of a Feminist

I’ve been inspired to make this blog for a few months now and never knew when I would be able to work up the courage to do so. Creating a blog shouldn’t be an act of courage, but this is the first time I am openly calling myself a feminist.

My inspiration for this blog is my brilliant best friend who amazes me every day with her own courage, gift of words, and strength to stand up against sexism. I have never met another person more capable of bringing about equality. But as she told me, it is easy to call yourself an ‘equalist’. It is vague. It shrouds your cause in shadows and you do not need to know what you stand for.

I’m learning what I stand for and this is the first step: I am a feminist.

This is not shameful. It does not make me ugly, or stuck in the past. It does not mean I hate men.

I expect my definition to change as I grow into my new role as a feminist, but at this moment being a feminist means loving that I am a woman and not feeling that I am below a man based on my sex.

This is difficult to admit because my brother hates feminism and I love my brother. I just think it’s time for me to love myself more.

I’m beginning to wake up and realize that not only does the world need feminism but I can only help if I am no longer afraid to proclaim that I am feminist and that I am no longer afraid.

I am asexual and that is as much a part of my identity as my womanhood. it is impossible for me to deny either one. I am becoming more comfortable expressing my asexuality and I hope to do better by embracing every aspect of myself through this blog. This is what’s right for me: as a woman who cares about the future.

Please join me in exploring the issues of feminism. Please join me in no longer being afraid to speak out.



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